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Investing in volume production

We are investing in developing more than 1 GW of low-carbon hydrogen production projects in all parts of the United Kingdom. By developing projects at scale, we believe that we can significantly reduce production costs.

Our projects will be built

We never develop projects speculatively. All of the projects that we are developing have an identified customer for a significant percentage of the hydrogen produced. By over-sizing the capacity needed to supply our anchor customer

Bespoke solutions to reduce costs

The UK is many years away from having a widespread hydrogen network to deliver low carbon hydrogen to customers across the UK. Until then, most customers will have to have hydrogen delivered to them.

Constant innovation

We constantly innovate to offer our customers not just a reliable supply of low cost low carbon hydrogen, but to ensure that they have the right plant and machinery to decarbonise their operations.

Planning approval secured for Bradford Low Carbon Hydrogen production facility

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